Top 10 Tips to Stay Healthy on your Business Trip

Wednesday, 12th June 2019:-

Take a look at our top 10 tips for staying healthy during your Business trip:


1. Stay Hydrated

Aside from gorging on delicious meals, this is the hardest tip to follow. But it is SO important.

According to, staying hydrated has multiple benefits including: removing toxins from your body, improving cardiovascular health, keeping your body cool, making your skin supple (translation: less wrinkles…) and more.

Protip: Bring an empty water bottle with you when you travel. Once through security, fill it up for free from the many water refilling stations you find in airports. Keeps your hydrated at a fraction of the cost


2. Do YOUR Thing

Experts note that a healthy balance between exercise and healthy eating produces the best results. In the case of working out while you travel for business, it’s about preparation, routine and sheer willpower. These snowball into a routine.

The first few times will be harder, but once you get rolling, you will find it gets easier each time. Especially when it’s part of your routine (e.g., get to hotel room, unpack suitcase, iron clothes for next day, do 100 push ups and 200 sit ups, go to dinner, etc). It’s just routine. And routine becomes habit.

Protip: The Healthy Business Traveller works out before dinner. This travel tip is something I’ve employed religiously, and it’s done more than anything to keep my health in check when I travel for work. By setting a firm rule that when the day is done you are going to get a workout in before you go out to eat with the customer or your colleagues is a game changer.

Here’s why. The chances of you working out when you get back from dinner is next to nil. After a few glasses of wine and a steak, it’s not going to happen. Get it in before dinner! Plus, you will find you will have less of an appetite and be more inclined to make smarter menu choices.


3. There’s an App for that!

There’s an app for everything. So, whichever is your preferred method of exercise, find an app. There’s app to help find bicycle hire, running routes, scenic walks, as well as workout sessions both in and out of the gym.

Pre-trip take the time to find an app suitable for you, research your destination and plan your exercise. 


4. All the Small Things

I’ve found that extremist choices like swearing off alcohol completely or disavowing carbs is both hard to do and sometimes impractical.

Where I get better results is small choices. For example, I may get the burger, but I hold the sauce and do fruit instead of fries. Or drink water instead of a soda.

Small choices also include things like taking the stairs instead of the escalator or walking alongside the moving walkways in airports instead of on them.

These small choices seem to be more reasonable than a drastic life change and I tend to feel surprisingly good when I do them. Nothing like a personal “win” and self confidence boost when I park a little farther away from the hotel entrance. 


5. Those Boots Are Made for Walking

Walking is one of the easiest ways to burn off calories. It's also easy to get in 5 miles of steps just by going on an adventure around a new city.

You also save money by not using taxis, ubers, or other forms of transportation.

I also find that you get to discover the coolest places by foot that you wouldn't otherwise see if you were in a car.


6. Take YOUR Time

Meditate. If your struggling to exercise, or just to find the time, you can always meditate. Again, there’s an app for that, and taking 10 minutes to meditate can improve your mental wellbeing.


7. Hand Jive

Being healthy also means you must take care of your skin, which we often tend to neglect.

I recommend bringing hand sanitizer, especially since you might be stuffed in a small area (such as a plane) with people who might be sick.


8. Can’t Stop the Clock

When you leave your home and fly across time zones your body will remain adjusted to your time at home, not at destination. For every day you spend in a new time zone you can expect your body clock to adjust +/- 2 hours. That means you will take 4 days to fully adjust to an 8-hour time difference, the same as flying West Coast USA to Europe.

The bad news is you can’t beat biology (yet), so there is no way to increase this rate of adjustment. But what you can do is adapt as best to the new time zone. This means listening to your body clock and knowing when to try to sleep and when to eat.

Your body is naturally sleepiest at 3am and 3pm. So just schedule your sleep for during these two periods, even if all you can do is have a quick nap. Avoid eating meals between 10pm and 6am on your home time, until fully adjusted. Your body is designed for eating meals during the daytime, not during the middle of the night!


9. That’s What Counts

Monitor caloric intake: You can never outrun a bad diet. Monitoring your caloric intake is one of the most important health hacks you can apply in life. Again, there are apps for that. By manually entering the food and drinks I consume, I subconsciously become more aware of the calories I’m consuming. This hack requires you to be mindful of what you eat. I can keep my caloric intake in perspective and makes more mindful of the foods I choose to eat. Some app’s can also give a personalized plan and give me a nudge when I begin to slack. For example, let’s say I go out to eat and have a big dinner with a business partner that exceeds my daily calorie budget – steak, wine, and cake. The next day, my app will help me adjust my caloric intake for that day. 


10. Zzzzzzzzzz

Get Good Sleep. We all know how difficult it can be to sleep away from home, but a couple of these ideas might help:

Request a room at the end of the hall, away from the elevator to avoid the noise from late-night travellers.

If possible, take your own pillow with you. Unless you’re traveling on a plane, take your favourite pillow everywhere.

Finally, if you’re a light sleeper, consider taking a small fan or white noise machine with you. People sometimes give me funny looks while I’m hauling my fan to my room, but I can tune out the world and get a good night’s sleep with my fan.