Digital Detox: Unplug After Your Next Business Trip

Friday, 24th January 2020:-


Business trips are typically short. Staying focused on your prime objective—to secure the new clients or to launch the new product—is of paramount importance, leaving little time for distraction. Which is why digital detoxes, a total disconnect from social media apps and Netflix, are becoming a popular and worthwhile trend in the world of business travel.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can wait, but your clients and colleagues cannot. Saying no to the screen and yes to your mental focus is harder than it sounds. We all go on business trips with the best of intentions, but as soon as you have five seconds of downtime or your Twitter notification chirps, your phone leaps into your hand without blinking. To help you fully embrace a digital detox on your next trip, follow these five tips below.

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Tell your friends, family, co-workers and clients that you will not be answering emails or texts for the next several days. While some of these people may be miffed by your absence, most will completely understand your need to disconnect. Be sure to tell them that you are reachable for emergencies, but only real emergencies and not when the office printer is low on toner.


If your significant other has joined you on your business trip, make it a joint detox. There’s nothing worse than your partner constantly shoving their device in your face, showing you the latest post from Facebook, while you’re trying to focus on a gorgeous sunset. Make clear rules about when you’re okay with using your phone—possibly to take pictures of said sunset, or five minutes each morning to make sure everything is fine back home.

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Your phone has a million ways to notify you about the ever-changing world…and a million ways to turn those notifications off. Disable push notifications and set your phone to silent. Or better yet, put your phone into airplane mode for the entire day you’re out sightseeing and especially at dinner.


For a successful detox to sink in, fill the time you’d normally spend “liking” your cousin’s Facebook photos or responding to work emails with a rewarding or stimulating activity. Take a yoga class at the hotel’s fitness centre, ask the concierge to set up a private tour guide, or find the best hiking trails around.

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A brief detox at the end of a business trip is helpful. But for total relaxation, book a week at a hotels that surround you in sunshine, style and sophistication, making it easy to forget about the latest news headlines and unmovable deadlines. Plus, when you book with one of our agents you will enjoy the added value of saving through our AFFINITY scheme. Ready to speak with a corporate travel expert about how you can better manage your business travel? Get in touch with us to schedule a free consultation that can help lower airfare costs and get some added-value perks for your travel spending.