Why Corporate Travelers Get the Best Hotel Rooms

Tuesday, 21st January 2020:

One of the open secrets of the travel industry is that hotel general managers love corporate travellers. When they look at their list of tomorrow’s incoming visitors, they first check to see how their guests booked their rooms. If they have a travel management company or another big name corporate travel agency on the list next to the guest’s name, they set aside the premier rooms for them. Why? The simple reason is that travel management companies represent a huge chunk of business for the hotel chain. And those in the hospitality business know that they should keep their best customers happy.

A few more reasons hotel managers like to host business travellers:

• Year-round Business: their trips aren’t dependent on the season or the weather, as is the case with leisure travellers.
• Monday to Friday Bookings: business travellers are often the only reservations on weekdays.
• Minimal Occupancy: business travellers arrive late, leave early, and generally don’t spend a lot of time in their rooms or using communal facilities.
• Not Price Sensitive: when you’re traveling on the company’s dime, you don’t mind paying a few extra dollars for your ideal hotel room.

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Hotels Value Loyalty

Corporate travellers have an incentive to stay loyal thanks to the extra perks and amenities once they reach a certain level of elite status – concierge-level rooms, high-speed Wi-Fi and free breakfast are some of the common privileges of the hotel elite. The desire for loyalty points at a certain hotel chain drives the decision-making when it comes to booking a work trip. Perhaps the paramount concern of frequent business travellers is collecting loyalty points and accruing the next status level. Business travellers in all demographic groups - from millennials to baby boomers - are playing the points game and tend to avoid shopping around for accommodations. 

Attracting the Business Customer

As hotels get to know their guests better, they’re enhancing their amenities and services to welcome corporate guests. To a frequent business traveller, one of the most valuable offerings in a hotel is to find some of the comforts of home. Holiday Inn is revamping rooms with a new entryway to hang coats & drop off bags, and a rollaway desk that can multitask for work or eating.

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Blending Business & Leisure

As the line between work and play becomes increasingly blurred, hotels are offering visitors a chance to relax after the workday ends. Social experiences in hotels are gaining in popularity. Some properties will hire a band or show a big sporting event on a big screen in order to host a gathering. Pool tables allow groups of guests to congregate and slip in a little bleisure. Adding on a social experience after work can improve employee engagement and team-building or a chance to entertain their customers.

As hotels up the ante to compete for your booking, business travellers can only benefit from added amenities, fun shared experiences and more comfortable rooms. Did you know that travel management companies can negotiate incredible savings on hotel rates? Barrhead Business Travel can help!.

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