.b connected technology

As technology advances, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation. Our goal is to offer a truly seamless service to travellers, bookers, procurement teams and finance offices.

Tomorrow’s travellers will want the world to join together around their particular needs.

They’ll expect their journeys to be one single smooth experience – from planning where to go, to buying tickets, arriving at the airport, travelling and then reaching their final destination. And if unavoidable disruptions do occur, they’ll expect to be instantly informed via their mobile devices.

We believe that this desire for connectivity will only grow further – across all modes of transport, experiences and devices. Connections between airports and airlines will greatly benefit both parties, as well as creating an enhanced experience for every traveller. .b connected is a suite of technologies which integrate together and offer a truly end to end solution. These can be accessed on a laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Our technology is compatible with many online booking tools and approval tools such as Amadeus AeTM, Concur or KDS. It integrates with most T&E solutions and back office systems including SAP, Sage or Oracle.